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I Am Ascending

The Resurrection solves the problem of dying—and of living.


In September 2013, the headline on the cover of Time read: "Can Google Solve Death?" Google's CEO announced a new division of Google known as Calico, which is dedicated to health and aging issues and to solving the problem of death. The editors of Time were so bold as to ask in the article why Google, a high-tech company, would spend so many millions to deal with life's most absolute certainty: death.

That's an appropriate question all Christians should ask for Easter. Somebody has already solved the problem of dying. I can tease you, but I know the answer. Why would Google spend so many millions on the problem of dying? Because all of us recognize that if we can deal with the pain and the uncertainty and the grief of dying, it will change living. The problem is not really solving dying: the real problem being addressed is the problem of living. John 20is the premier passage on the problem of dying being answered; it's the account of Christ's resurrection.

(Read John 20:1-18)

'Me too'

Brené Brown is a social researcher who spent six years trying to discern the causes of emotional distress, so they could be measured, controlled, and predicted. Instead, at the end of that research, she had an emotional breakdown herself: saying, of course, that the physician could not heal herself. It was an acknowledgment of shame and a great statement of vulnerability. After she recognized the impact of what she had revealed during a TED talk, Brené Brown told a friend she was basically dead, believing that if it got out, it would destroy her career, her reputation. She had spoken to 500 people, but she said to her friend that maybe if only 600 or 700 people saw it on the YouTube TED channel, it would be okay. If it ...

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Bryan Chapell is the senior pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Peoria, Illinois.

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I. 'Me too'

II. The disciples' disregard

III. Clinging to Christ

IV. Declaring him Lord

V. God's messengers

VI. Peter's present shame

VII. A job to do

VIII. Seeing mercy