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Death Is Not the End of the Story

We live in a broken, fallen world—but there's another chapter coming.

On the morning of October 1, 2015, a young man entered a classroom at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon, and began shooting people. Nine died and ten others were seriously wounded. This is the message Steve Walker gave to Redeemer's Fellowship in Roseburg just days after the tragedy.


I want to speak to you not as a teacher, as I normally do, but as your pastor and shepherd. I hope to give you some words of comfort and direction, and answer a few of the common questions plaguing most of us.

But first, I must say, I'm very thankful for this community. I was born and grew up here, and Roseburg is a wonderful town. Crisis often reveals what we are made of, and I—along with so many others—are proud of and even more grateful for our community in the last few days. I'm thankful for the first responders: everyone from the dispatchers who kept their cool to the law enforcement officers who rushed to the scene. I'm thankful for the medical personnel, doctors, nurses, paramedics—including both retired and off-duty physicians, who, when they heard the breaking news, came without being asked. I'm thankful for all the churches and Christians who are praying for this community and asking for God's wisdom and comfort, and for all who aren't affiliated with any church or faith but who have shown love and support during this dark event. This won't be over soon, but we will come through it together.

Thursday mid-morning, I was sitting in my office when suddenly my phone started ringing, dinging, and buzzing. I wondered initially if there had been an AMBER Alert somewhere, but then someone down the hall yelled that there was an active shooter situation at UCC. Before we could figure it all out, it ...

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Steve Walker is the Lead Pastor for Redeemer’s Fellowship in Roseburg, OR, loves Macs, anything with two wheels, hot black coffee, and a good story told.

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