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Glorify God in Your Body

The beauty in learning we are not our own.


As we have seen through looking at the early Christians in Corinth, we see that so much of what they dealt with is the same thing that we deal with. It seems like the more things change, the more they stay the same. The problems that plague humanity are not problems so much on the outside: they are on the inside, and we bring them with us from generation to generation to generation. So here we are with a lot of the same hang-ups and problems that the Corinthians had almost 2,000 years ago. Through the book of 1 Corinthians, we see the wisdom that the apostle Paul—by the inspiration of the Spirit—brings to the believers at Corinth, and we are able to glean from that wisdom about how we should be living our lives here in the present day.

The first chapters in 1 Corinthians—chapters one, two, three, and most of four—talk about divisions and unity in the church and really focus on the theme of Christian unity. In chapters five, six, and seven, there has been a focus on sexual propriety, on marriage, and on singleness. There's a little bit of an interlude in the beginning of chapter six. But for the most part—in five, six, and seven—the focus is on proper sexual conduct, on marriage, on singleness, and on sexual morality. So we are going to be looking at these very relevant issues: issues not only relevant for the lives of the Corinthians 2,000 years ago, but very relevant for us, as well.

The issue of 'embodied'

Indeed, at the heart of these important issues is the very heart of our own culture's confusion about what it means to live as embodied, gendered human beings. Perhaps even more so than the Corinthians, we wrestle in a culture and live in a culture that is especially confused ...

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Gerald Hiestand is the co-founder and part-time director of the Center for Pastor Theologians. He also serves as the Senior Associate Pastor of Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Illinois. He is the author, with Todd Wilson, of The Pastor Theologian.

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I. The issue of 'embodied'

II. Paul reorients the Corinthians

III. Points of context

IV. Paul's first argument: Christ's body and our bodies

V. Paul's second argument: the temple and the Holy Spirit

VI. The punch line: you are not your own