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How God Works Through Tragedy

Life may be messy, but Jesus is real.


Life can seem pretty vicious sometimes. As a church, over the last about five weeks we've had two major tragedies within our family here at Crossroads, and those are just the major ones. There's been a number of situations that have been equally hard for people but on Christmas Eve we lost Chris Becock who had grown up here at Crossroads, tragically leaving behind loved ones and friends and family having made an enormous impact on a lot of people. And just this week on the third of February it made the national news, there was a workplace shooting here in Vancouver, actually the first of what ended up becoming two workplace shootings because there was another one the following day. And one of our members lost his life in that workplace shooting before the person took his own life. We have people in our congregation who were in the second shooting - at the Veteran's Affairs; people in our fellowship who work there.

We struggle, at times, to try and understand these things. And I'll be honest: I'm one of many pastors here, and I've been around the block a few times, but when tragedy happens, I'm learning how to process it all. I hope that's okay. The idea of the pastor who has all the answers? We all knew that wasn't really real. So I'm learning how to walk with the Lord in the midst of tragedy. I'm learning how to show up at situations that are hard: what do you say, and what don't you say?

What I've learned over the years, and what we are learning as a community right now, is not only how you live with tragedy, but how you have a life that blossoms and is fruitful when the circumstances of life leave us wounded, broken, and hurt. How do we do that? We live in ...

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Daniel Fusco is the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA.

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