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God's Anger and Mercy Toward Sin

We are called to turn from our idols and 'seek him and live.'


If you want to know the three points that I'm going to walk through this morning, they are very simple. I want to talk about God's heaviness towards sin. God never, ever takes light sin in our life. God breaks, he aches over it. He's heavy over sin. The second point is God's heart toward sin and how he handles it. When he looks at your sin, how does he look at your sin and what does he do with your sin? The third point is God's hope in dealing with sin. How does he deal? What is God's hope when he confronts you about sin in your life? What does that look like? Those are the three things I want to hit this morning. Heaviness, God's heart, God's hope for sin in your life.

How many of you know that there is nothing that explains life better than a song? There's nothing that explains God's heart like a song. I love preaching but music is a creative force that God has placed into our world to communicate something about life that nothing else can. We love music because we enumerate our life by music, right? We vibe to music, we emote to music. We remember certain seasons of our life to music. We remember the relationship we were in and then we broke up and we remember the song that we played during that season, and any time that song comes on the radio it takes you back to a time. That's what music is. It expresses our deepest moods and deepest pains in our life. In this passage God is composing a song against Israel.

(Read Amos 5:1-17)

God raises up Amos

It says in verse one, "Hear the word, O house of Israel, this lament." What is a "lament"? A lament was a dirge. It was a mournful song used in ancient times when someone was dying. It was to aid mourning in a person's life. If you can imagine, this is a shocking, tragic, ...

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Eric Knox is a pastor, church planter, mentor, basketball coach, and hip hop aficionado based in Portland, OR.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God raises up Amos

II. Abuse of power

III. God's heavy heart

IV. Apathetic worship

V. True worship

VI. God's anger and mercy

VII. God's hope in dealing with sin