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Jesus Is Our Only Refuge

Jesus is coming back and will rule to the fullest extent of the earth.


One of the things I find surprising about Joel is he doesn't really talk about the first coming of Christ. What he does talk about is the second coming. He focuses on end times. Some of these things, some of the metaphors and some of the pictures, especially in Revelation, these can be difficult to understand. But the Bible says in Daniel 12 "The wise will understand." We know that true wisdom comes from God.

(Read Joel 2:28; Joel 3:8)

This passage may be familiar to some of you because it gets quoted in Acts 2. It's what Peter used when he stood up and people thought when they were speaking in tongues that they were probably drunk. He says, "Guys, we're not drunk. It's only this time of the morning." I find that passage a bit strange because it was like if it was the afternoon then completely you could understand that we might be drunk. But as it's the morning we definitely aren't. It's the Holy Spirit. I promise you.

Jesus said, "Wait in Jerusalem." Okay? When Jesus had risen from the dead he said to his disciples, "Wait." "Wait in Jerusalem until the Holy Spirit is poured out." He says, "You will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you." You see, the Holy Spirit ushered in the church age. Jesus said, "Unless I go the Counselor will not come." But the Holy Spirit has come. So part of these verses we're reading in Joel 2 have seen fulfillment on the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out and people of many different nations heard the gospel in their own language. Not because the people understood the languages they were speaking or the languages that were being heard but because the Holy ...

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Simon Gill serves as Teaching Pastor at The Street City Church in Wellington, New Zealand.

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I. The Holy Spirit moves

II. God's plan for Israel

III. Judgment day is coming

IV. The coming King