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A Thankful Life

Be the one who notices and thanks God for his blessings.


We're going to be thinking about Thanksgiving Day today. You may be thinking to yourselves, Why? Because Thanksgiving Day is important. It's not a one day out of the year thing, it should be every day when we understand the goodness of God. When we really realize all he's done for us and that he wants to be in us, we should become thankful. And there's this wonderful story found in Luke 17. Notice how the story unfolds.

(Read Luke 17:11-17)

Jesus looks at this man who came back and he celebrates with him, but he asks the man a question: Where is the other nine? Here is my challenge to you this Thanksgiving season, and here is my challenge to you for the rest of your life: Be the one. Be the one among the ten who actually looks. I mean, all of them as they are walking along, they've been out of society, their skin is leprous, and as they're walking it changes, it's transformed, they're healed. And one goes back to the origin, to the source of the healing, and says thank you. The other nine went all kinds of places. Who knows? To show their family, to celebrate, to go to the temple to worship, to do things they couldn't do before. But they went that direction and one went back to Jesus and thanked him. Are you going to live as the one, who as you walk through life actually stops and notices the goodness of God, the grace of God, the presence of God, and says thank you, God, I notice and I'm thankful.

God's love endures forever

Well, to think about this idea of thankfulness, to give us sort of a framework to remind us of some of the things that we should actually stop and be the one who is thankful, we're going to look at Psalm 136. This is one of those Psalms that has ...

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Kevin Harney is the Lead Pastor of Shoreline Community Church in Monterey, CA. He is the author of Reckless Faith and Organic Outreach for Families.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God's love endures forever

II. God is over all

III. God's deliverance

IV. God leads us through the desert times

V. God gives us a place

VI. God provides

VII. God is worthy of thanks