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God is the Center of Reality

God is great, he's at the center of reality, so focus your life on him.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "The Most Relevant Book of the Bible: Ecclesiastes". See series.


Back in the 1960s the mayor of the city of Chicago was Richard Daley. He was famous for a number of things, most notably for being the last of the big time bosses of the city. Daley was sharp, powerful, and had an absolutely enormous ego.

One fall a speechwriter who worked for Daley came to him and asked for a raise. Daley was amazed that anyone would have the gall to do that. He told the guy, "I'm not giving you a raise. It should be enough for you that you get to work for me, a great American hero." The speechwriter waited until early November & turned in his 1-week notice that he was moving on. Daley was scheduled to give a speech on Veteran's Day and he demanded that the speechwriter complete this task before he left.

Daley was famous for never reading his speeches thru ahead of time; he just enjoyed winging it in the moment. So on the day of the speech, he's going on and on about how valuable our veterans are and how forgotten they are. And he says "But I haven't forgotten about you. In fact, today I'm proposing a 17-point program at the federal, state and local level, for us to care for our veterans."

There's nationwide press coverage, hundreds of people are there and everyone is really eager to hear what Daley is going to say about this. Daley himself was curious so he turns the page in his speech, all it says is "You're on your own now, you great American hero."

We live in a society that exalts the ego; in our culture being number one is all too often what life is focused on. We see that in sports, we see it in the world of entertainment, sometimes we see it in business and I can personally vouch for the fact that we even see it in education. But is that a good way to live?

As many of you know the New Testament ...

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Scott Wenig is associate professor of applied theology at Denver Seminary in Denver, Colorado, and author of Straightening the Altars.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Solomon's realization: We're not the center of reality

II. God is the center of reality because he is the Creator

III. God is at the center of reality because he's our Provider

IV. God is the center of reality because he is the Ruler