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The Death of Death

The Resurrection is real and changes everything.


There are moments in time when all of a sudden something happens and everything changes. There are so many examples of this that it's almost hard to pick. I was thinking about the movie The Lord of the Rings. In the second movie The Two Towers they're hauled up in Helms Deep, which is a protective cave. They're in there, and they're just trying to hold off the evil armies. Sure enough, it's going bad. It's going real bad. They're losing the battle. There's this one scene where all of the great warriors are there and they're deciding that they're just going to ride out for glory. They're going to die, but they're going to go out swinging. You're sitting there and you're thinking, Oh man, this is going really bad. They come on out and all of a sudden there's this scene where Gandalf the White shows up on the mountaintop, and the sun's coming up and he's got all of the horsemen with him. All of a sudden at that moment it just got real.

When all of a sudden in a moment everything changes, that's a powerful reality. I'm here to tell you the empty tomb of Jesus changes everything. The fact that that tomb is empty changes everything. Not only for us as individuals but for who we are, how we live, and why we live the way that we live.

God's work can't be stopped.

Jesus, the Pharisees, and the chief priests had issues. They're like the Democrats and the Republicans today. They just don't get along. Jesus was offensive to the chief priests and Pharisees because he undermined their authority. He was subversive to their power. To use a modern phrase, they thought Jesus was a royal pain. Everything about his ministry bothered them. The fact that the disliked tax collectors, the immoral harlots, and the uneducated common people ...

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Daniel Fusco is the Lead Pastor of Crossroads Community Church in Vancouver, WA.

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I. God's work can't be stopped.

II. He is risen.

III. Come and see. Go and tell.

IV. Don't believe the cover-up.

V. He was seen by many.