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Be Afraid of Not Fearing

The righteous man fears God.


You need to look the other way, pastor. This is business. You're not cut out for this. My friend had been pastoring this church for a few years. He was really excited. Things were happening. The church was growing. They had a piece of property. They were going to sell it and buy another piece of property. They were going through the process for that because the original piece of property wasn't going to be big enough for what was happening at the church. But in the selling of that property the men who were leading that sale were hiding some information to get more of a price. My friend, who was the pastor, said, "We need to tell them everything." And that's what they said, "Preacher, this is business. You don't understand how to deal with this stuff." He came to me devastated. We talked about it and what he had to do. I remember telling him, "Those men do not fear the Lord, but you better." So he went and confronted them. He spoke openly and called them to repentance, and he was fired. He was dismissed.

A lot of men tend to think that way. Men are prone to compartmentalize their lives as though they've got a church life, a family life, and then they've got a different life out in the business world. So they have to function based on the real world, they tell themselves. There's a way they've got to handle themselves there that's different from their church life, different from their family life. A lot of men have a personal life, and they tell themselves, Well, this doesn't really have anything to do with what I'm doing here, as long as I'm providing for my family, as long as I'm allowing them to have the things that they want to have. So their life is compartmentalized, it's segmented. That's why a word in our ...

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David Prince is Pastor of Preaching and Vision at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church in Lexington, KY. He also serves as Assistant Professor of Christian Preaching at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. He is the author of In the Arena: The Promise of Sports for Christian Discipleship and he blogs at www.davidprince.com.

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Sermon Outline:


I. The fear of the Lord

II. Blessed man vs. wicked man

III. Characteristics of the righteous