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R-Rated: Genocide and Jericho

God's plan is to evict the world of sin.


I think if you're at all human, there are tensions that come up. The idea of genocide, or of this powerful people massacring innocents, including women and children, is hard to dwell on. This is perhaps one of the most critiqued concepts of the Scriptures by both those inside the church and those outside the church. As we look at this story, I want to help us understand this tough passage of Scripture.

The Israelites come out of Egypt where God's people were oppressed and forced into slavery, they suffered great injustice. God moves them out of that land that was ruled by Canaan. God is going to promise them the land that is west of the Salt Sea or Dead Sea. They go on this journey under the leadership of Moses for decades and decades and decades and decades. They eventually get up to the east side of that Salt Sea. They cross the River Jordan in a miraculous way. No human can strategize this, and certainly not manipulate it. God has led them across the Jordan River onto the west side of the Dead Sea, into what is known as the Promised Land. It is the land of Canaan. Jericho is one of the first cities that they come to. This is a military outpost that they are focusing on. God is going to move them into the land and move these people—or in other words evict these people—out of the land.

When we read this story, they come into Jericho, and we know that they walked around the city. It's kind of this intimidation factor, it's also a time where the people have an option to leave the city. He gives them six days to leave the city. These people know this is coming because the military base is shut up, you can read about it in chapter six. They have blocked all the doors, all the ...

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Chuck Bomar planted and is Lead Pastor of Colossae Church in Portland, Oregon. He is the author Losing Your Religion and Better Off Without Jesus.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Genocide or massacre (or neither)?

II. God evicts evil

III. God keeps his promises

IV. God's story