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God Pleasers

You’ll know who you’re serving by whom you’re seeking to please.


Eddie Chapman was a British citizen in the early 1900s. He lived a life of low-level crime. During one of his stints in prison, he met two German men who convinced him to join the cause of the Nazis during WWII. Here he was Eddie Chapman, a British citizen, traveling to Germany to join the German cause. He was trained by the Germans to be a spy, to infiltrate Britain. His first mission was to go back to Britain to hijack and destroy an airplane factory. They sent him on a plane and he parachuted out into the countryside. As he began to work his way to his target, he was picked up by the British intelligence services. They knew about Eddie Chapman. They knew what he was doing. We would think they would stick him in some dark hole and leave him there, at least until the war had ended, but, instead, they turned Eddie Chapman. A British citizen, who was a German spy, now became a British spy. He was a double agent, and so they pretended that he had destroyed the airplane factory that he was supposed to destroy, and they sent him back to Germany. As he learned a number of important things about German warfare, about their plans, about their weapons, he would sneak back into Britain and give them the information. He continued to do this throughout the war.

I can't imagine being in that position of being a double agent, having to pretend that you're working both sides in a conflict, but the passage today asks us a question similar to what Eddie Chapman must have asked himself, "Who am I ultimately serving? Who is my ultimate authority? Who am I living for? Who am I seeking to please?" We have to ask ourselves that question everyday, "Who am I living for?" We have to make a choice. Am I living for God or am I living for ...

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Sermon Outline:


I. Living to please someone else

II. Pleasing God with our sexual obedience

III. The seriousness of sexual sin