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Loving Our Work

The work that we do has incredible meaning.


I want to fast forward to Revelation, and look at the last two chapters. Then we are going to backtrack to Isaiah 60. When we look at the very end of the story we're going to see this thing called the coming of the New Jerusalem and we'll see that there's another account of that coming of New Jerusalem found all the way back in the Old Testament in Isaiah. We're going to see the significance of these texts when it comes to how we set our expectations for work.

If you have your Bibles, turn to Revelation 21. I'm going to start there. But then the focus will actually be Isaiah 60. But for us to properly appreciate Isaiah 60 I want to start us off with Revelation 21.

Read Revelation 21:1-6, 9-11, 22-27

Now, this penultimate chapter of the Scriptures almost reads like a fictional tale. Our minds can't comprehend what is being written here. There's nothing for us to snap our experiences upon when we read something like this. It's something that should bring, in some sense, a sense of awe and a huge relief. In some ways our hearts are all yearning for this moment—this climax when Christ returns and there is a renewal of all things. The Christian hope is anchored in this coming reality.

This last picture of what the Bible communicates to us is another anchor point for us to understand the significance of our work. When you look at a text like this you see that New Jerusalem comes down as a bride, and at the very end you see that the kings of the earth with their splendor bring in their treasure. We begin to see a picture that becomes further elucidated in Isaiah 60. What's going to surprise us as we look at this text is what it is that we are moving toward. What is the work of Christ ...

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David H. Kim is the Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work and the Pastor of Faith and Work for Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan, New York

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I. God cares about our work

II. Why we need to love our work

III. Why we can't love our work

IV. How God is redeeming us and our work