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Pursuing Your "Higher Calling"

Regardless of where you work, each person's vocation is a job with a "higher calling."
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Imagine a stunningly beautiful church building: a limestone exterior, stained glass, and a slate roof. For 90 years, many people simply drove by this church building paying it little if any attention, but recently this magnificent work of art was displayed in a large colored picture in the Kansas City Star, our city's largest newspaper. The renovation had begun and the scaffolding surrounding the steeple filled the newspaper page. Above the picture was this caption: "A Job with a Higher Calling!"

This caption reminds us that journalists not only have an affection for double entendre, but that many embrace a story of work where the work of the Church is seen as a higher calling than other work.

Growing up in a Christian home and sensing God's vocational calling to be a pastor, this story of work guided my thinking as well. Deep inside I believed that my calling as a pastor was a higher calling than others who were lawyers, teachers, administrators, or business persons. Perhaps my distorted thinking was driven by spiritual pride, but it was also fueled by a theological vision that diminished the value of God's good world and anything other than "what lasted forever." What was "all important" was God's Word and people's souls. Devotion to anything else was futile and misguided. This distorted story of work guided my life through college, in a parachurch campus missionary, and church planter. But with a little help from the Reformers, I started to see that Scripture paints a different story.

Regardless of where you work, each person's vocation is a job with a "higher calling."

Further, the Holy Spirit empowers our accomplishment of our vocational calling. Today we're going to focus on how the Spirit enables our work.

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Tom Nelson is the senior pastor of Christ Community Church in Leawood, Kansas, and the author of Work Matters.

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Sermon Outline:


I. God designs and calls you for your work.

II. God's Spirit empowers you for your work.

III. The gospel connects Sunday with weekly work.