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What's Your Story?

The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the world's greatest story—and it's entirely true.


Have you heard of Storycorps? Storycorps is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to celebrate the lives of everyday Americans by inviting them to tell and record their stories.

It's a pretty simple concept. The Storycorps sound booth travels from city to city and sets up shop. People are invited to bring one person with them whose story they want told, and the two of them sit in a sound booth for 40 minutes and talk. When they're done, they get a CD with their story on it, and another copy is sent on to be archived in the Library of Congress. You can hear their stories online and weekly on NPR.

I listened to a few: the story of a young mother running through the hills from Mexico to the US—in socks so as not to make any noise—in order to escape drug violence and find a better life for her children. The story of a husband caring for his elderly wife for over 10 years, refusing to let Alzheimer's take her from him. A Vietnam vet, whose high school sweetheart married someone else when he went off to war. He never stopped loving her, and never married, until he found her 40 years later, single again, and made her his wife.

So far over 40,000 Americans have had their stories told and preserved. Together, they tell the American story, one life at a time. The founder of the movement is named Dave Isay. If you asked him why he does this he'd say it's because he wants people to know that their stories matter and won't be forgotten.

Suppose the Storycorps trailer pulled into the parking lot today, and you had a chance to sit in the booth. What story would you tell? What dreams have you chased? What obstacles have you overcome? Are you living the life you imagined? Are you living a good story?

This year we are ...

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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I. The human story

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