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When Is Enough, Enough?

It's amazing what generosity does in the lives of people who learn to say, "Enough."


Sometimes it's not just a practice but a word—just one word—that God uses in our minds and our hearts to transform us.

When you were kids, you may have had the opportunity to use a rock tumbler. You take an old, dirty, jagged rock that doesn't look like much, and you put it in this machine and close the door and turn it on. For days all you hear is the clinking of the rock inside. After five or six days, you stop the machine and take it out, and what you pull out looks remarkably unlike what you put in. Because of the constant tumbling, the jagged edges have been worn down and it has been beautifully polished. It has been transformed.

Sometimes God uses a word in our minds and hearts, with the Holy Spirit to challenge us, to rattle us around. This morning we're going to look at the word enough—a single word that can transform you spiritually.

Our quest for more

Sometimes God takes a word like enough and gives us opportunities to consider it. As he pushes it deeper into our souls, we learn about who God is, and it begins to transform our lives from the inside out.

A year ago we became the proud parents of a little yellow lab puppy. Baxter has wormed his way into our hearts, and we are smitten with him—one of us more than the other. Our dog trainer who helped us with Baxter when he was little told us, "A tired puppy is an obedient puppy." So our daily job has become to think about ingenious ways of exhausting a yellow lab, which is no small feat. Baxter wakes up every morning with an exuberant expression, like he's thinking, I had no idea I would still be alive. I had no idea you would still be alive. This is the best news ever! And he runs around the house every day, ...

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Sermon Outline:


I. Our quest for more

II. Jesus says, "Enough"

III. People who have said "Enough"

IV. The story of Scripture

V. Three ways to increase generosity