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Broken and Compromised

We can overcome temptation if we avoid the road of compromise and choose the road of integrity.
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The people of Israel believed they had their perfect king, a man they thought could do no wrong. But David was just like all of us—a flawed human, subject to failure. David became prideful, believing he was entitled to whatever he saw. His heart began to beat for earthly desires, and one indiscretion led to a multitude of sins.

David had a heart given to God. It was marked by boldness and confidence in God. David's heart was surrendered to God. In faith, he stepped out as a teenager and met Goliath on the battlefield. He knew God had already won the victory. David continued to live with boldness and confidence. He wrote many of the psalms in Scripture. He fought many battles, and he led Israel in a great way.

But as David moved into his middle ages, he started giving in to compromise. His heart, which was once marked by integrity and boldness and confidence, began to be marked by compromise. It gave in to lust, greed, and pride. But David didn't just wake up one day and decide to have an affair. As we look at David's life, we see that one by one the barriers came down. He made decisions that ultimately led to the implosion of his entire family. The decisions that he made affected not just him, not just Bathsheba, not just Uriah; they affected his whole family—his kids, even his grandkids. His sin had a tremendous ripple effect.

Today we will look at two roads. The first road is the road to compromise. Some of us are on that road. The second road is the road to integrity. As we look at the road to compromise, we understand that David begins to walk this road. Some of us have already crossed lines that have led us down the same road.

Second Samuel 11:1-5 lays out the pathway, the road to compromise. All ...

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Philip Griffin is the Senior Pastor of the Elmbrook Church in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

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Sermon Outline:


I. The road to compromise

II. The road to integrity