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Can You Do Any Better?

When we step up to the plate, God gets the chance to show his power through us.

The story behind the sermon (by Claude Alexander)

This sermon is a part of a series on the Book of Daniel entitled "A Challenged and Challenging Faith." They were written and preached from the premise that during times of crisis and difficulty, when the believer's faith stance is challenged, an authentic and maturing faith in God enables the believer to rise to the occasion, meet the challenge, and issue a challenge of his or her own.


Within the life of every believer, there is a moment or moments when you are looked to for leadership, for guidance, for expertise, and for know-how. You are expected to step up to the plate, to stand in the gap, to deliver, and to provide. These are moments when others are not able to do, to handle, to face, to shoulder, to conquer, to provide, and you are given the opportunity with the hope of being able to do what others could not. In such times, a question is raised, "Can you do any better?" Can you, with the God whom you serve, fare any better? Can you, with your relationship with the Lord, perform, lead, guide, face, endure, or overcome any better than those who don't know the Lord?

These are moments when the relevance and muscularity of your faith are challenged, and you are given the moment to meet the challenge head on.

It is the second year of Nebuchadnezzar's reign. Throughout his life, he is given to dreaming dreams that he can't understand. This is one of those occasions. It is a troubling dream. The depth of its disturbance causes him to call on the court astrologers for help. His particular demand is unique. He doesn't simply ask them for interpretation. He asks them to first tell him what the dream is and then to provide the interpretation. They ask for the dream. They ...

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Claude Alexander is the Senior Pastor of The Park Church in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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