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He Who Must Be Obeyed

We must pray for unpolluted faith so that the work of God in our lives will not be hindered.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Seeing and Obeying Christ". See series.


It was probably 20 years ago; I was sound asleep one night when the phone rang. I grabbed blindly for the receiver, clattering on the phone cradle, but I was so far under that I couldn't really wake up. I got the phone to my ear but didn't say anything. Then I heard a voice, flat and menacing. He just said, "You thought we'd forgotten you." I was desperately trying to wake up, but I couldn't clear my head. On the phone there was just silence, but I was sure he was still there. My mind was racing to think who might be threatening me. The man who got angry a few weeks ago when we wouldn't give him money? I was getting scared, very scared. The silence continued as I fought to come to. I sensed this was something dark, something diabolical.

I couldn't even speak, but somehow I simply blurted out, "Jesus!" Suddenly, it all went away. I came wide awake and realized I did not have the phone in my hand, that it was still across the room. Yet I knew that what had happened was more than a dream. I wasn't frightened. I was exhilarated at the power of Jesus' name. It was a kind of adrenaline rush. I got up, turned on the bathroom light, washed my face, and cleared my head. Then I went back to bed. I felt a great peace. As I was falling back asleep I heard a melody in my mind. It was beautiful, like a lullaby. I recognized it but couldn't place it. The next morning it came to me: It was a tune from Les Miserables, and the words, which I didn't even fully know then, are "You will keep me safe, and you will keep me close; I'll sleep in your embrace at last." I've always felt that my heavenly Father hummed me to sleep that night. That night I saw the power of Jesus' name over evil.

Today, in our study of Mark, we come down from ...

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Lee Eclov recently retired after 40 years of local pastoral ministry and now focuses on ministry among pastors. He writes a weekly devotional for preachers on Preaching Today.

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