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Embrace Your Reponse Ability

Life is uneven, but God cares about what we do with what we have.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Taking Responsibility for Your Life". See series.


Each week in this series we've asked this question: Am I taking responsibility for my life—really? The reason we've been asking this question is because everybody thinks they do take responsibility for their lives. Irresponsibility is very difficult to see in the mirror. But through this series we've discovered that our irresponsibility eventually becomes someone else's responsibility; it's not a solo thing. Irresponsibility impacts people you are connected with, whether in marriage, family, community, workplace, church, or any other type of community.

Think back to your childhood, to something you said—to something we all said at one point or another: "That's not fair!" To which the grownup in our lives responded, "Life isn't fair." The truth is that life isn't fair, and yet there's something in all of us that wants life to be fair some of the time. I'll confess that I'm primarily concerned about fairness when my piece of the pie is the smallest piece of the pie. When I get the larger piece of the pie, I could care less about what's fair. When I get the large piece of pie, I just say, "God is so great." I don't think about those people who got the smaller piece who are out there thinking, My life is so unfair. I prayed. I work hard.

When we say life isn't fair, what we're really saying is life isn't even. While I think that life should be even, I think we can all see that that would be impossible. There is no way for things to be even. Here's why this is important for us to look at: the unfairness of life, the unevenness of life, can quickly become an excuse for our irresponsibility: "If I don't get a big piece of the pie, can you expect me to be a responsible person? Why try? Why go the extra mile ...

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Andy Stanley is pastor of North Point Community Church in suburban Atlanta, Georgia.

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