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Hezekiah: Healed but Boastful

Guard your heart from the deceptive, insidious power of pride.


Today we're going to be looking at Isaiah 38 and 39. I was thinking this week as I pondered these passages that the Bible is a lot like an anti-virus program. Have you ever been hit by a computer virus? It's tragic how it works: your computer is going along just fine, but there's this virus lurking in your system that you know nothing about. Everything seems fine and normal, and then, BOOM! All of sudden this virus leaps out and starts eating your files and writing over your hard drives and rewriting registries. It's a technological disaster!

Sin is a lot like a computer virus in this way: you can be living your life following Jesus, trusting him, loving, him and everything can seem fine on the surface, but there can be pockets of sin underneath that you're not even aware of. This sin can suddenly rise up, and you find yourself feeling things and saying things and doing things that you can't believe you're feeling, saying, and doing. Sin can be under the surface and can rise up and attack you just like a computer virus can.

There's good news, though. God does not leave us defenseless in these situations. He's given us an anti-virus program: the Bible. If we will regularly scan our hearts with Scripture, by his Holy Spirit God will give us a warning—like those red warning letters you get on a computer—and you can click "Destroy" or not. See how powerful the Word of God is? It not only reveals our sin, but it also gives us means by God's grace to destroy the sin.

I think one of the main words God wants to speak to us in these two chapters of Isaiah is this: Scan your heart with God's Word to see the sin that's there—especially one particularly devious an insidious kind of sin that we're going to ...

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Steve Fuller is lead pastor of Mercy Hill Church in San Jose, California.

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Sermon Outline:


I. The blessings that precede pride

II. The deceitfulness and danger of pride

III. The need to examine ourselves for pride

IV. The process for dealing with pride