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Unexpected Kindness

David's generosity with Mephibosheth is a picture of God's grace and generosity with us.


I want you to imagine with me a hypothetical situation. You get a certified letter in the mail, and it's kind of mysterious. It looks like it's from a lawyer. You open it up and find out that it's from an estate attorney. Your uncle, let's call him Uncle Tex, has died. You knew that already. You heard about it from your family a while back, but you didn't realize there was an implication to Uncle Tex's death that you were unaware of. Uncle Tex has apparently left you something in his will.

Uncle Tex appropriately lived in Texas. To you growing up he was just a name. When you were five or six years old you visited him out there on a family vacation, but really he was just someone that your dad would talk about from time to time. So you're surprised to find that you're listed on the will as an heir to Uncle Tex's ranch, which is larger than you'd realized. And in the certified letter there's also a plane ticket for you to fly out and see what appears to be, to your amazement, your ranch.

So you take off work and you get on that plane and you fly out there. When you get to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport there's one of those guys holding a sign, like for the important people. And it says on the sign "McClellan," or whatever your name is—Wolverton, Yager—and you go, "That must be me." Uncle Tex must have done pretty well for himself. So you get in the limo and it takes you off to a place where limos can't really go, which means you have to get into a Jeep. You travel further into the country, way out, and then you see a winding driveway up on a hill. And the driver takes you up and drops you off, and there is a verifiable ranch. It has ...

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Dave McClellan is pastor of The Chapel at Tinkers Creek in Streetsboro, Ohio. He created the video series Preach by Ear.

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Sermon Outline:


I. A Big Opportunity for Mephibosheth

II. A Big Opportunity for Us