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In order to know God deeply, we must long for him more passionately.


As we continue in our series in the book of Exodus, today we are in chapter 33, and in chapter 33 we encounter Moses at prayer. And I think God has a word for us. I think God wants to, he really wants to teach us what it looks like to know him. Now, ostensibly, that's why we're here, right? We're here because we want to know God, right? Isn't that why we come to worship? And yet, isn't there a part of you that is here for some other reason? Just like me, right? We want to know God, and so we try to seek him during the week. And yet we often don't. But here we are in Exodus 33, and God's going to show us: Okay, I see your heart.

And God, he wants to bless you. You got out of bed. You made it here. For some of you, man, it was a journey to get here. I mean it was only 4.3 miles, but the number of fights you had on the way was impressive. But you made it. And God says, I bless that, and yet I want to show you that there's more. There's more. So why don't you open your Bible with me to Exodus chapter 33. We're going to start in verse 12.

Do you know how to talk to God?

God has been wrestling with Moses, they have been arguing together, the people have made this golden calf, and God is really mad. Moses is upset, God is upset. And now they're kind of wrestling through, Okay, what's the next step.

Just before this passage, there's this classic line about Moses and his relationship with God. The Scripture really lifts up Moses as an example. This is what is says. If you look back just one verse from where we read, to verse 11, it says the Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks with his friend. Face to face, friends. Moses was a friend of God. They ...

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Bill White is a church planter in urban Long Beach, California.

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Sermon Outline:

I. Do you know how to talk to God?

II. Do you actually want to know God's ways?

III. Do you pray for things that are bigger than you?

IV. Do you really want to see God?