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Who Can We Trust?

To overcome sin, we must admit to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.

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Here is another sermon from one of our featured preachers, David Anderson. Anderson uses the story of Samson and Delilah to explore issues like relationships, community, confession, and accountability.


One of the most important steps in dealing with our sin is the step in which we admit to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs. It is only then that we are entirely ready to have God remove all the defects of our character. This step is perhaps the most difficult one, because now we're talking about involving other people in our stuff. At first we just make an admission that we are powerless and that we need God's help in our lives. Then we invite God to help us walk through our struggles. So it's just you and God, and that's tough enough—looking in the mirror and looking to God and being honest about your stuff. But now you are inviting other people into the process, and that can get scary. I want to talk to you about the risks and rewards of involving other people, and the requirements of getting the right people in your personal space. That is the question we have: Who can we trust?

Inviting others into our struggle

Three old sisters live together. One is 96, one is 94, and the other is 92. The 96-year-old woman draws some bathwater and is about to step into the bathtub, but halfway between the tub and the floor she stops. She's confused and can't remember whether she's getting in or coming out. So she cries out for help, and the younger sister who is 94 says, "I'll come help you." She's coming up the steps, but halfway up the steps she gets confused. She can't remember if she's going up the steps or coming down the steps. So she cries out for help, ...

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David A. Anderson is the founder and senior pastor of Bridgeway Community Church, a multicultural congregation in Columbia, Maryland.

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The hardest step in dealing with sin is when we invite others into the process of dealing with our sin.

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