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The Sermon That Inspired Murder

God is on a rescue mission to deliver this world—a mission that was started in Christ and continues with us.

From the editor:

We feel that this featured sermon from regular contributor Kevin Miller can inspire ideas for two different sermons: a sermon on the divinity and authority of Christ, or a sermon on how the mission of Christ informs our mission as a church. Of course, you could cover both issues in one sermon as Miller masterfully does. A highlight of this message is Miller's willingness to explore the tension of just how exclusive and inclusive Christ is in his ministry.


A little while ago, despite it being winter, I took a long walk during my lunch hour. The sky had a silvery-blue look, and the trees were standing up black and outlined against the sky. It felt good to be out and about. As I was walking, I had this thought: What if all you had was nature? How much could you know about God? I thought, Well, you can see from nature that God is a God of unfathomable power. Think about it: tsunamis, solar flares, an expanding universe, boundless power. I though, You would see that there is incredible intelligence behind it all. A bird flew by as I was walking, and I thought, I never stop to think that should not be happening. That bird is a creature with mass and density, yet it flies through a medium that cannot support it. Incredible intelligence and power!

The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that's about all you can get from nature about God. You would have no way of knowing what God might do with his power and intelligence. You could assume, I guess, that since the strong prey on the weak in the animal kingdom, God might be out to attack and destroy you—which is what many of the ancient Roman myths about the gods assume—but the only way you can find out about the inner nature, the ...

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Kevin Miller is pastor of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois,

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