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Life Together

Discovering true unity in Psalm 133
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Lessons from the Psalms". See series.


The first week we moved into the small town where I served as pastor, my wife Jane and I decided to take a walk down Main Street. We immediately noticed something different from the large suburban communities in which we had lived previously: when we passed strangers on the street, they nodded their heads and said hello to us. The drivers of oncoming cars gave a little wave as they came into view. Everybody seemed to know everybody else, epitomized by the little girl we saw standing in her front yard near her mother. Wide eyed, she began to back away as we drew near. "Mommy," she said in amazement, "I don't know them." This must be a really friendly town, I thought to myself. Unfortunately, the days that followed proved otherwise. Oh, people knew who we were all right, but that didn't mean they were friendly. The same people who waved at us as they drove past or greeted us on the street also treated us to cold stares when we walked into the local diner.

For most, the word "community" immediately brings to mind images of friendliness and intimacy. The same can often be true in the church. Pastors speak of community as if it were the "Holy Grail" of church life. What that looks like in the company of the believers is portrayed in rose tinted hues with the sound of violins swelling in the background. But often our experience in the church reflects a different reality.

What is true community? And how do we achieve it? We get an idea from the Psalmist's description of his experience in Psalm 133.

Community is a derivative experience.

Community is what you get when you are focusing on something else. Community is the result of living together. The Psalmist begins in verse 1 with a statement that seems too obvious to mention: ...

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John Koessler is professor and chair of the Pastoral Studies Department at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Community is a derivative experience.

II. Community is a sacred experience.

III. Community is a God given experience.