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What's Driving You?


I've always enjoyed reading the stories of successful people and finding out what it is that makes them tick. What I find completely amazing and intriguing is that most people— those who accomplish the most in their chosen field—are rarely motivated by money.

Jay Leno is an example. He makes about $15 million a year hosting The Tonight Show. If he just wanted a lot of money, he could stop right there. Instead he performs an additional 100 - 150 standup comedy performances and appearances per year for audiences across the country. Why? Because he loves to work. He loves to write jokes, and he loves to tell jokes. That's the driving force in his life; he loves to make people laugh.

Years ago I remember seeing a film of Walter Peyton's summer training regimen. Part of it consisted of him running hills. There he was in the July heat struggling to work his way up a steep incline, the earth giving way with each step as Peyton fought to maintain his footing, remain upright and keep moving toward the top. It was absolutely fascinating to watch because it was obvious that he wasn't out there for the money—he already had plenty. He wasn't hoping to earn or keep a starting position — he already had a lock on the job. Why did he do it? Because he had a passion for football, and he had a passion for being the best. That was the driving force in his life.

It would do each of us good to ask, "What's the driving force of my life?" You can find the answer to that question in the answers to a couple of other questions: "What do you think about while you're driving to work? What do you think about while you're driving home? What do you think about right before you fall asleep?" The answers to these questions ...

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Steve May is a speaker, author, and missionary living in Knoxville, Tennessee. He has served as pastor of churches in Oklahoma, California, and Tennessee. He is author of several books, including Preaching Through the Year.

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We need to pattern what drives us after what drove the Apostle Paul.

I. When our driving force is to offer encouragement to others, they gain hope and reassurance.

II. When our driving force is being united in love, we give strength and spiritual nourishment to one another.

III. When our driving force is to reflect the light of Christ, we live as an example of what Jesus did for us and help others know him fully.


The driving force of Paul's life, as it should be in our lives, was that he would play a role in helping people experience the fullness of God.