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The Muchness of God


In this very moment, God is ready to pour out upon you—from the lavish abundance and overflow of his reserves—blessings that will strengthen you in every aspect of your existence.
You might be thinking, Where did you get something like that, Stowell?James 5.

God is the God of "muchness."

I love the word "much." I like to go to restaurants and see over-heaped plates of food. I like to get in a car and hit the accelerator and feel the muchness of the horsepower. I love big crowds at baseball games. I love grand slam homeruns. I love last-second field goals in Super Bowl games. If we didn't have the word "much," how impoverished we would be!

This text indicates to me that God is the God of much—of lavish, abundant, overflowing reserves. He is a generous God. Do the Bible math with me. Wasn't it God who said in Psalm 84:11, "He withholdeth no good thing to him who walks uprightly," and, "My God shall supply all of your needs"? Don't ever forget your God is a God of muchness.

When Satan wanted to overthrow the created order and capture the hearts and souls of the governors of God's wonderful created garden, the very first thing he said to Eve was crafted to make Eve feel like God is stingy and out to oppress. He said to Eve, "Did God say that you could not eat of every tree in the garden?" Actually what God said to her was: You can eat of every tree in the garden … except for one. There's just one where you can prove your love to me by obeying and avoiding the danger of it. Don't ever let Satan whisper in your ear and persuade you that God is stingy God and wants to hold back, or that he has not given you everything you need.

We can access God's "muchness" through prayer.

James says, "The effectual ...

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Joseph Stowell is president of Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and author of numerous books, including Jesus Nation (Tyndale).

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Sermon Outline:


God wants to pour blessings on our lives at this very moment.

I. God is the God of "muchness."

II. We can access God's "muchness" through prayer.

III. God's "muchness" expresses itself to us in many forms.