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Starting Over


Years ago, when my 2-year-old car needed a new battery, my son said, "Dad, we need to buy a new car. This one is getting old." When the tape deck needed work, he said, "Dad, we'd better buy a new car. This one is eating us out of house and home." I insisted there was no reason to spend thousands of dollars on a new car just because the old one needed minor repairs.

Marriages are a bit like that. Sometimes a little maintenance can get the marriage operating smoothly again. Occasionally, a serious breakdown means a complete overhaul is necessary, but most problems are solvable. Even if there has been an affair, the marriage can usually be restored at the price of repentance and forgiveness.

One of the real problems of our society has been the tendency of some couples to give up too quickly. Minor problems cause some to look admiringly at other models. Soon they're convinced nothing can be done, and the old relationship is ready for the junk pile. But then they discover the trade-in is costly, and they've bought into a whole new set of problems.

God intends a husband and wife to live together in love till death parts them. But what do you do if the marriage relationship is over? Maybe your mate left you for somebody else. Or maybe years ago you concluded that your marriage was irreparable, and you gave up on it. Now it can't be reclaimed. Perhaps your mate died and left you alone. Is it scriptural for you to start over with somebody else? Is it possible for you to remain single and be fulfilled and happy?

Today we'll use the story of Boaz and Ruth as a basis for our discussion about starting over. This is a pertinent story because it focuses primarily on single people.

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Bob Russell is a speaker, chairman of the board of the Londen Institute, and author of When God Builds a Church (Howard).

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Sermon Outline:


I. The story of Ruth and Boaz

II. Guidelines from Ruth's story