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A Little Lower Than the Angels

There are times when the church of Jesus Christ needs to confront straightforwardly a supreme national tragedy. On Wednesday of this week we will mark the anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion. And you and I will recognize that anniversary within the state of Michigan, a state that has become known as the location of Dr. Jack Kavorkian, Dr. Death.

The right question: What is man?

When we confront a supreme national tragedy like that, we first need to make sure we're asking the right questions. You will never arrive at the right information or the correct answers if you don't ask the right questions first. One of today's tragedies is that society is currently asking the wrong questions. They are asking questions like, Does a woman have a right over her body when she's pregnant? Questions like, Just how rare or frequent are those partial birth abortions? And questions like, Don't terminally ill people have the right to die?

Those may seem to be important questions, but they are not the first questions we need to ask. There are deeper, bigger, prior questions—one in particular—and David hit on it in Psalm 8:5. He wrote this psalm on the hillsides outside Bethlehem while he was tending his father's sheep. And while he was out there tending those sheep, spending long days and long, lonely nights looking up into the sky, seeing the stars and the moon, he started asking himself questions, and he arrived at the exact right question. It is this, verse 4: "What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?"

What is life? That's the question. Not, Who has this right or that right? Or, How frequent or infrequent? What is life? That's the question. And when you have that question, ...

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Sermon Outline:


The anniversary of the Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion marks a national tragedy.

I. The right question

What is man?

II. The right answer

God made us a little lower than angels.

III. Life from God brings six gifts.

IV. The gift of life brings responsibilities.


Humans are made by God, just a little lower than angels; which is a sacred treasure, the gift of life.