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Encounter on Golgotha Road

God is always at work, leading us to times and places where we might meet him.

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We recently posted an Easter message by John Ortberg, because the themes like atonement, the Cross, resurrection, etc. are never out of season. This week we're posting another Easter sermon for the same reason. This is a unique message, brought to us by one of our featured preachers, Bryan Wilkerson. Wilkerson reflects on the work of Christ from a first-person narrative, more specifically, from the perspective of Simon of Cyrene, the man charged with the task of carrying Christ's cross when Christ was too weakened to carry it himself. This one can work at any time because it's a wonderful look at one man's struggle to find life within religion, discovering instead that life is found in relationship to Christ. Also, here's a great example of how to do first-person narrative in a really effective manner. Powerful stuff!
This sermon was offered on Good Friday, so there's only a relatively brief mention of the Resurrection. Those who want find ideas in this message for crafting their own message might want to add a little more in there about the empty tomb.
One final note: if you want to listen along as you read Wilkerson's sermon, click here.


Greetings! Grace and peace to you, friends. I'm honored to be with you today, and quite impressed by the size of your assembly! I've visited many cities in the empire these past months, sharing my story with all kinds of people. But I have never had such a large audience. To my fellow Jews in the crowd, I bring you greetings from the Holy City. And to those outside the house of Israel—to the Greeks and the Romans—I also say, "Welcome!" One of the many wonderful discoveries I've made is that there is room in the kingdom for everyone.

I suppose ...

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Sermon Outline:

*First-person narrative (Simon of Cyrene); main headings indicate scene shifts


After my encounter with Christ, I have come to believe that there are no random encounters. God is always at work, leading us to times and places where we might meet him.

I. A religious man

II. To Jerusalem

III. On the road

IV. On the hill

V. No random events

VI. Pentecost