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Divine Revelation

Six indicators of God's existence
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Can Smart People Believe in God?". See series.


We've been in a series called "Can Smart People Believe in God?" Last week we had Dallas Willard with us to answer some tough questions, and I want to start with a comment he made in one service about how getting life right is surprisingly uncorrelated with having a high IQ. Dallas asked the question, "Did you ever notice that sometimes smart people do dumb things?"

That's kind of the human condition. You can just look around you to see really smart people doing really dumb things. So here's what I want to do as we bring this series to a close. In this message I want to talk about reasons why faith in God makes more sense than the alternative. Now I don't think these are airtight proofs for the existence of God, but the question isn't really, "Can you prove God beyond any shadow of a doubt?" but rather, "Does believing in God, faith, and trust make more sense than basing your life on the alternative that there is no God out there?"

I want to run through what you might think of as clues that point to God, but more importantly, I want to get to the best reason for believing in God, because the best reason is not reserved for people with really high IQ levels. It's as close as your heart. We'll start with this: What are some indicators that point toward God?

Indicator 1: The universe exists.

The first indicator is put in the form of a question: How did the universe get started? Why is there something rather than nothing? Now arguably the single most important discovery of the last century is this: that the universe had a beginning. It's popularly known as the Big Bang. In previous centuries—19th century and earlier—the vast majority of scientists did not believe that the universe had a beginning. There was ...

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John Ortberg is pastor of Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, California.

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Sermon Outline:


I. Indicator 1

The universe exists.

II. Indicator 2

The universe is fine-tuned to support life.

III. Indicator 3

We have a hunger for meaning.

IV. Indicator 4

We believe there is a moral standard.

V. Indicator 5

The explosion of the early church

VI. Indicator 6 (the best indicator)

Jesus shines through into our world.

VII. Encountering Jesus