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The Abundant Life Commitment

We need to be informed about the embryonic stem cell debate to be effective advocates for this tiniest form of human life.

From the editor:

The debate over embryonic stem cell research rages on and on. It was a center-stage issue in the last presidential election, and probably will be again in 2012. And as the debate spills out of the political aisles and into living rooms, it will inevitably enter our churches. The critical question for us as believers is this: does Jesus have anything to say about the subject? With that I leave you with Stewart Ruch's sermon …


Noah Markum's father on this Father's Day is having a special celebration as he rejoices in the life of his son, Noah. Mom too, I'm sure, is very excited, because Noah was born to them under remarkable circumstances in January of 2007. Every birth is remarkable, every birth a miracle, every birth a reason to rejoice in the power of life and of God. That in itself is reason enough to rejoice over Noah. But it's even more amazing because Noah—aptly named—was rescued from a flood in New Orleans in early September of 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. So all the more reason that Noah's father today is thanking God—if he knows God—for the life of Noah. But there's even a third reason beside the glory of life and the glory of Noah's rescue. Perhaps if you're quick in doing your math you're wondering, Wait a second. Noah was born January 2007 and yet rescued in September 2005. I'm not sure how that adds up. Perhaps you're already tracking on that third reason to celebrate Noah's life. Noah was rescued as an embryo, frozen in liquid nitrogen from a hospital in New Orleans by Louisiana State Police. I don't know if those men who carried him out amidst the rising waters of Katrina have had a chance ...

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Stewart Ruch III is the rector of the Church of the Resurrection in Wheaton, Illinois and the bishop of the Midwest Diocese for the Anglican Church in North America.

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Sermon Outline:


Embryonic stem cell research is an issue of protecting the least of these.

I. The right to life is the civil rights issue of our day.

II. Ignorance is an enemy of the embryo.

III. Money is an enemy of the embryo.

IV. Satan is an enemy of the embryo.

V. The Lord and his church are advocates for the embryo.


Participate in this issue through intercession, education, and engagement in the public square.