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I Pray the Lord My Soul to Keep

Whatever may come, we must ask God to lead us in a way that honors him, blesses others, and advances his good purpose for our lives.

From the editor:

Here's another great sermon from one of our featured preachers, Bryan Wilkerson—an in-depth look at the last few lines of the Lord's Prayer. Click here to listen to the audio.


One night many years ago, a Christian woman couldn't sleep. It was well past her usual bedtime, but she found herself overwhelmed with fear. Her husband, Colonel Gracie, was crossing the Atlantic that night on his way home from England. When she couldn't push the frightening thoughts away, she got out of bed and began to pray.

Right about that same time, out on the ocean, the safest ship that had ever been built, the Titanic, had struck an iceberg and was beginning to sink. Panic had broken out as people realized there weren't enough lifeboats for everyone on board. Colonel Gracie had given up all hopes of surviving himself, but was doing his best to get women and children into the lifeboats. His only wish was that he could get some kind of message to his darling wife. As the ship began to slip into the water, he said good-bye to her in his heart.

Meanwhile, back in America, Mrs. Gracie was still praying. After two hours she still didn't have any peace, so she continued to pray until about 5 in the morning. It was then that a certain peace possessed her, and she went to sleep.

Out on the North Atlantic, Colonel Gracie was plunged into the icy water and then sucked into a giant whirlpool that had formed. He kicked and swam against the downward pull as best he could, and suddenly he broke through the surface and found himself near an overturned lifeboat. Along with several others, he climbed aboard and waited until 5 in the morning, when he was picked up by another boat and carried to safety.

Of all the prayers we pray, ...

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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