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Regime Change

When Jesus comes to town, he often challenges the things that are most dear to us.

From the editor:

Here's a sermon by Kevin Miller that might inspire a few ideas for your own Palm Sunday sermon (April 5, 2009). As you read the sermon, notice how Miller effectively captures the emotions the Jewish people must have felt that day—emotions that ranged from pure joy ("The Messiah is finally here!") to deep shock ("And he's come to confront us and not Rome?"). Also notice how Miller then bridges the gap between the world of yesterday and the world of today. His points of application are especially potent given the current economic climate in which we find ourselves. One thing to note: the church where Kevin serves took up a special offering on last year's Good Friday service. Though we've edited out some material to make the sermon more universally applicable, Kevin used the last half of the sermon to challenge his audience to give to the special Easter collection in a manner that was above and beyond what they normally give. Perhaps it's an idea you and your leadership should discuss in this time of great need in our communities across the nation!

Introduction: The desperate need for a Messiah

When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, everyone knew a regime change was taking place. This was the day that God's people had been praying for. They had been under the boot of Rome. They had been reduced to nothing more than a puppet state. They had no king, because the Romans wouldn't let them have one. They could still appoint a high priest, but the Romans said, "We have to approve whoever you choose—and to make sure your high priest never gets any ideas about leading a revolt in an effort to create a Jewish state, we're going to keep the ceremonial robes of your high priest locked up in our guard towers. You can ...

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Kevin A. Miller is the senior pastor at Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois.

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Sermon Outline:


The desperate need for a Messiah

I. Imagining what it was like the day the Messiah finally came

II. A surprising turn of events

III. Cleansing today's temple


Jesus is going to judge the ungodly, but it might not be the people we think.