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When Sin Creeps In

Sin is costly, but Jesus has come.

From the editor

If you remove the first three chapters of Genesis, anything goes. So much foundational theology is packed into those seminal verses. One of the things that would go out the door is our initial understanding of sin and its consequences—and God's immediate plan to redeem a world gone bad. Here's a great little sermon on Genesis 3 and its critical themes from John Beukema, pastor of King Street Church in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and former associate editor of PreachingToday.com.


I once read an article in Time magazine, entitled "Adam Has Fallen Again." A few years ago, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, a priceless, fifteenth-century marble statue of Adam toppled over and shattered while no one was in the room. Although vandalism was initially suspected, curators determined that the life-size Venetian sculpture buckled of its own accord. The museum's director said, "It will take a great deal of time and skill, but the piece can be restored."

We are all sinners. We're all guilty. We've all fallen, and we can't get up. It began with the first Adam, and it didn't stop there. Have you ever wondered why other people sin? Have you ever wondered why that rich executive who seems to have everything pulls a crooked deal just to get a little bit more? Have you ever wondered why the guy with a beautiful wife and a beautiful family throws it all away for an affair? Have you ever wondered why the bright student cheats on an exam or the good girl snorts coke or a trusted friend betrays you? Have you ever wondered why a community leader, who seems to be such a nice guy, molests a child? Have you? It's easy to imagine why bad people do bad things, but what about all those people who look just ...

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John Henry Beukema is pastor of Cypress Bible Church in Cypress, Texas, and author of Stories from God's Heart (Moody). He served as associate editor of PreachingToday.com.

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Sermon Outline:


We've got to take the problem of sin seriously. Why? Because the Word tells us that this flaw is fatal.

I. After sin enters, nothing is the same.

II. Sin ruins our innocence

III. Sin ruins our intimacy with God.

IV. Sin ruins our relationships

V. Sin ruins our enjoyment of all God's gifts

VI. Sin is costly, but Jesus has come.


Sin is real and we must deal with it. But only God can cleanse us of it.