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The House of Love

The one power that can conquer hatred, cast out fear, overcome evil, and endure through time is love.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "Four Best Places to Live". See series.


This message concludes our series on the four best places to live. We've looked at the House of Worship, the House of Prayer, and the House of Expectancy. We end with the Place all the other places lead to—and if not, render all other places barren. The best place of the all the best places is the House of Love.

Love has its enemies. Obviously, there is hatred. Less obviously, but more potently, there is fear. But there is an enemy to love more lethal than even hatred and fear, though seldom considered: power. Our lust for power militates against our need to love and to be loved. He who loves least controls most. Love, rather, makes us vulnerable. Love renders us weak. Loves exposes our hearts to heartbreak. Loves diminishes our control. Love makes us powerless. So for reasons we rarely analyze but deeply feel, we avoid the House of Love.

I intend today to make the case that the ultimate power is not lovelessness but love. The one power that can conquer hatred, cast out fear, overcome evil, and endure beyond the destruction of all things—that one power is love.

We need power in our lives. Only, it's not the power we think we need. We often equate power with control. But what if true power was being, not in control, but under the control of a power much greater than yourself—namely, God? The Bible calls this theos dynamos—divine power—or as I like to translate it, God dynamite. Theos dynamos means Christ becomes greater and you become less. You are not in control: you're under the control of something much greater. Defined that way, there are four powers we need to truly live: The power of the incarnation, or the power of God with us; the power of Christ's resurrection, or the power ...

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Mark Buchanan is an Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology at the Ambrose Seminary in Calgary, Alberta, and the author of numerous books including Your Church is too Safe.

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