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Praying the Savior's Way

Jesus is training our hearts to turn us to the bread that really satisfies.

From the editor:

The Lord's Prayer is one of the more popular passages in all of the New Testament—believers and non-believers alike have even taken the time to memorize it. Such familiarity has probably fostered a bit of complacency, so it's always good to have someone come along to remind us of the complexity that emerges from underneath the prayer's presupposed simplicity. In this sermon Mike Bullmore pushes the listener to understand the depth of a simple request for bread. He does so by paying careful attention to the context of the request in Matthew's gospel. You cannot understand Matthew 6 without an initial understanding of Matthew 4, the account of Jesus' temptation in the desert.


I'd like you to have two scenes in your mind as we begin. Even though they are not separated by much time, they are remarkably different scenes. One of them is relatively peaceful; the other is a battle. One is occupied by a crowd of people; the other by only two persons.

The first scene is of Jesus having recently entered his public ministry. The disciples have joined him, and as Jesus has begun to teach and preach, his fame has spread quickly throughout the area and large crowds are gathering around him. People from Galilee, Syria, Judea, and even people from across the Jordan River are coming to hear him. On this particular occasion, when he sees these great crowds, he goes up a mountainside to find a place where he can sit and deliver an extended lesson to the people. In this extended time of teaching, Jesus teaches the people how to pray.

In this text, Jesus is not simply teaching us motions to go through or words to repeat. No; Jesus is seeking to train our hearts. He knows that—as with all speech, so also with ...

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Mike Bullmore senior pastor of CrossWay Community Church in Bristol, Wisconsin.

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Sermon Outline:


With this request for daily bread, Jesus is trying to instill three lessons in our hearts.

I. We must be aware that we depend on God for everything.

II. We must cultivate gratitude for the most basic of things.

III. We must remember that bread alone will never satisfy.


The very one who is speaking these words of instruction about prayer is addressing our hearts, saying, "I am the Bread of Life. Come to me."