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Solomon's Wish

The wisdom of God is our greatest gift.
This sermon is part of the sermon series "The King Takes His Throne: Solomon's Rise to Power". See series.


If you could wish for anything in the world, what would it be? Some people wish they had different abilities. Others wish for a change in their life circumstances. There is something they have that they wish they didn't have, or something they don't have that they wish they had. What would your wish be?

The 2005 television reality show "Three Wishes" asked that question in small towns across America. Then, in each heart-warming episode, the producers made wishes come true, choosing three people to receive the one thing they wanted more than anything else in life. The application said, "We are looking for emotional stories of people in need. We want to help deserving people—people who always help others, but never think of themselves." Then it asked the big question: "If you had one wish in the world and could ask for absolutely anything from the heart, what would it be?"

The television producers said that money was no object, which may explain why the show was canceled after only one season: making wishes come true can get very expensive. But what if your biggest wish really could come true? What if the person asking what you wanted had infinite resources? What if you were King Solomon and God said, "Ask what I shall give you"? What wish would you make from the heart?

A man after David's heart

To understand Solomon's wish, we need to know what kind of man he was. Solomon had ascended the throne of his father David—not by his own ambition, but by the sacred anointing of Almighty God. After only a short time in power, it was evident that he had the courage to lead. Solomon had established his kingdom by eliminating his enemies, so we know that he is politically savvy, a man of action. But what kind of person ...

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Philip Ryken is president of Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois.

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Sermon Outline:


I. A man after David’s heart

II. Warning signs

III. Solomon’s wise request

IV. God’s gracious gift

V. Wisdom’s treasure