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Life on Wings

To live in victory, we must be reborn in Christ and yielded to the Holy Spirit.


The biblical image of the kind of life Christians are called to live is, "The way of an eagle in the air." I have lots of experience with eagles. When I was ten years old, my parents bought a house on a country hilltop in Vermont near a valley called Eagle Hollow, which was known for the golden eagles that lived there. Usually eagles don't flock together, but they do in Eagle Hollow. As a child, I often climbed a narrow road with steep cliffs on both sides to sit on a rock and watch these fascinating birds.

For the last eight years, I have taught a Bible class on Mondays in Washington, D. C. I have breakfast in an airport restaurant called The Eagle Room. The decor is designed around a great bronze American eagle with outspread wings. On all the walls are pictures of the different types of eagles found in the United States, and beneath them are descriptions of their habits. In eight years I have read those descriptions over and over. I know a lot about eagles.

Based on my experience with eagles, I believe early Christians were on to something when they described the Christian life as the way of an eagle in the air, and I want to tell you why.

Eagles are born eagles.

First, if you're going to grow up to be an eagle, you've got to be born an eagle. Crows and canaries never become eagles. That statement is obvious when you're talking about eagles, but it may not be so obvious when you're talking about Christians. Even so, it's equally true. If you are going to be a Christian, you must be born one.

The New Testament says that flesh and blood can never inherit the kingdom of heaven. The life we inherit from our parents will expire, and we will all be placed in a grave. That's why the New Testament speaks about the necessity ...

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Terry Fullam was the rector of St. Paul's in Darien, Connecticut, the author of seven books, and an internationally-renowned speaker on church renewal who conducted missions in more than 25 countries. To find out more about his biblical teaching ministry and to access his sermons, please go to the "Life on Wings" home page.

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Sermon Outline:


I. To grow up as an eagle, one needs to be born an eagle

II. Mother eagles are out to mature their young

III. Eagles soar with the movement of the wind

IV. Eagles know how to die