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A Personal Relationship

Our relationship with God validates everything else.


I want to share with you something that had a decisive impact on my life; it was a turning point for me. And ever since, it's been an anchor to my soul. It's something so obvious, but so easy to miss: Our relationship to God validates everything else.

There was a season in my life when I wanted to garner all the blessings of God I could, and to please God with my life. I figured it would require more Bible reading, more prayer and fasting, more serving, more giving, more devotion. But there was something in the process of this journey that was missing—like when you embark on a journey and you know you forgot something, but you just don't know what it is.

It was when I was reading Revelation 2 that the answer exploded. It was almost as if the Lord put my name in a passage. It said: Wayne, I know your deeds and your toil and your perseverance—that you don't endure evil men and you test those who call themselves apostles and you find them to be false. You've persevered; you've toiled and have not grown weary for my name's sake. That's all good, Wayne. But I've got something against you.

I stopped and thought, Moi?

And this is what the Lord said: You have forgotten something in your pursuit. I thought, What's that?

And as I read on, he revealed it to me: You've forgotten your first-love relationship with me. You've displaced that simple and pure relationship that's independent of what you do and how you perform. Those are wonderful things, but you're trying to please me without the relationship, and you can't exchange the two. Relationship is what really pleases me, and that validates everything else you do. Return to that.

God loves us because we are his children.

Some time ago, some wonderful people in our ...

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Wayne Cordeiro is pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu in Honolulu, Hawaii, and author of Doing Church as a Team (New Hope Publishing, 1998).

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Sermon Outline:


Revelations 2 convicts Cordeiro that he has forgotten the importance of relationship with God.

I. God loves us because we are his children.

II. A relationship with God gives us the power to change.

III. A relationship with God gives us the power to forgive.