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What God Wants from You More Than Anything Else

To love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, say "yes" to him.


What does God want from you? What does he expect? Do you know?

That's a question that every person has to answer. Because if there is a God—and I'm assuming that you're open to that idea—you need to know what this God wants from you. That knowledge would be very important to how you live your life. It would change the way you drive. It would change the way you react to how other people drive. It would change the checks you write. It would change the websites you visit.

So let me ask again: Do you know what God wants from you? You need to know.

Love God, love your neighbor

You might be interested in what Jesus said about what God wants from us more than anything else. Jesus was once asked straight up: "Of all the commandments from God, which is the most important?" 

That's not such an easy question to answer. There are many commandments from God in the Bible. If you open your Bible at the beginning, the first five books are called the Law. They show us what pleases God. For example, you find the Ten Commandments, in which God says: Don't steal, because that hurts people I love and destroys community. Don't commit murder, because that kills people I created. And so on.

The rabbis counted up these commands, and there were 613 commandments in the Law. They debated which of these 613 commandments was most important. Which one was the core? Is it more important not to steal? Or is it more important not to murder? Which commandment, if you get it right, means that you have pretty much everything else right—that you're living in the will of God and doing what pleases him?

One day, a man with a PhD in religious studies asks Jesus: What's your take? What do you think is the most important command?

Jesus answers ...

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Kevin Miller is pastor of Church of the Savior in Wheaton, Illinois,

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Sermon Outline:


Do you know what God expects of you?

I. Love God, love your neighbor

II. Loving God and neighbor with only a portion of ourselves

III. The power of saying "yes" to God


So much good comes out of saying "yes" to God.