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Teach Your Children Well

Are your priorities in line with God's?
This sermon is part of the sermon series From Generation to Generation.See series.


They say God has no grandchildren. What they mean is that it isn't enough to be born into a believing home or a believing church. Every child has to choose to follow Christ. They say that Christianity is always one generation away from extinction. What they mean is that unless we intentionally pass the faith on to our children, it could be lost.

And so for the past couple of weeks, we've been thinking together about passing faith on from generation to generation. Two weeks ago, we looked at Psalm 78 and learned that the entire believing community shares the responsibility for raising up children in the faith. And last week we learned some practical principles for passing the baton of faith to those who come after us.

But right about now some of you may be asking why we're spending three weeks talking about this one topic? Why focus on this one demographic slice when, in fact, we are a very diverse congregation with so many single people and older adults? Some of you are saying to yourselves: "Bryan's usually so balanced in his teaching. Why is he all worked up about kids?"

It's great to have so many children and young people among us every Sunday, but let's not forget that we also have nearly 3,000 adults with us. What about their needs, and their potential? After all, adults are the ones who lead and serve and support the church. Adults are the ones who have influence in the world; they're the movers and shakers. Who says children's ministry should be one of our church's top priorities?

I'm glad you asked those questions, because this morning we're going to discover why ministry to children and young people is so important, and why we're spending three weeks on this subject. Let's go to Matthew 18:1-19, as we consider ...

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Bryan Wilkerson is pastor of Grace Chapel in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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Sermon Outline:


I. A dumb question

II. First, children are most likely to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

III. Second, when you open your heart to a child, you open your heart to Christ.

IV. Third, reaching lost people, including children, is God's highest priority.