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A Promise for Life's Long Pull

Jesus promises to continually replenish and restore us when we live our lives for Him

Luke 10: 25-37


We all know the account of the Good Samaritan. Does it strike you as something more than odd that an obscure itinerant preacher, in the dusty backwaters of a third-rate province, supposedly off the beaten track of history, would refer one day to a foreigner and the term would pass into the vocabulary of the centuries? Wherever English is spoken, the term Good Samaritan strikes one as a familiar term. I find many evidences of my master's Lordship, and here is one of them: his word has come into the verbiage of all succeeding generations.

The road that drops from Jerusalem to Jericho is a precipitous one. It drops maybe fifteen or sixteen hundred feet. It is a winding road with a particularly sharp curve. People tell strangers that it is a road where brigands and highway robbers lurk to pounce upon unsuspecting travelers. When I was there fifteen years ago, right at that sharp bend, sat The Inn of the Good Samaritan. The story says travelers were pounced upon and mugged again and again. In this particular instance, one was left for dead. You might want to consider this account, as you reflect upon it, a shielded autobiography of the one telling the story, of one traveling a strange road and coming upon someone beaten and nearly dead.

The whole story grows out of a question put to Jesus by, appropriately enough, a lawyer. I do not disparage that vocation. I wanted to be one myself until I got sidetracked into this back eddy. But as they are accustomed, they love to ask questions. I was out at Northwestern College, a Dutch Reformed school that sits in a small town on the border of South Dakota. They told of how the town felt they could not afford a lawyer, but one moved there anyhow. When one moved ...

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Gardner C. Taylor pastored Concord Baptist Church of Christ in Brooklyn, New York, for 42 years, helped found the Progressive National Baptist Convention with Martin Luther King Jr., and is co-author of Perfecting the Pastor's Art (Judson Press).

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I. The young believe they are well supplied for life

II. The circumstances of life reveal our inadequacy

III. We will be repaid for our sacrifices in this life