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How to Keep It Going

We must persevere through the emotional lows of faith.

This morning one of the daily news telecasts mentioned the New York marathon. I thought of the Boston Marathon and a woman by the name of Ruiz. You might remember her. Several years ago she cheated. At least most people think she cheated. I remember a Boston reporter sticking a microphone in her face and saying, "Ma'am, you're either the fastest runner in the world, or you are a fraud. Can we talk?"

Do you ever feel like a fraud? If you don't, you ought to be a preacher. There are times when I go into the pulpit, and I say, "Oh God, you don't want me to do this. Look at what I've done and thought and the brothers I'm having trouble with right now." I ask his forgiveness, and his grace is always sufficient.

The problem with most of us is that we have an MO (Mode of Operation). We're Christians. That means we go to church and we try to live with integrity. But inside we sometimes feel like a fraud.

I want to talk about how to keep things going when the flame that once burned brightly begins to flicker and you think it's going to die.

Remember how excited you were when you first knew that you could live forever? Remember how wonderful it was to be totally forgiven, to be alive, to have meaning for your life?

I remember getting up in the morning and going to the radio station to hustle a buck so I could pay the mortgage and have a place to sleep, where I could get up in the morning and go to the radio station and hustle another buck. How empty! Camus said the only question modern man must deal with is the question of whether or not he should commit suicide. Well, I understand that. I've been there.

Do you remember where you were when God found you? Are you just as filled with joy as you were then? Do you feel as clean as you felt ...

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Steve Brown is president and radio teacher for "Key Life," professor of preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary, in Orlando, Florida, and author of Approaching God.

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Sermon Outline:


I. We can be encouraged by the saints that went before us

II. Struggling with disobedience makes us stronger

III. We always have a choice in our behavior

IV. We can draw encouragement from a God who has suffered through what we suffer

V. God is aggressively working out our perfection

VI. We have the added comfort of a Son interceding for us to the Father