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When Your Enemy Prospers

When we believe God's grace for ourselves and for our enemy, we really live
When Your Enemy Prospers

by Bruce Larson

God spares Nineveh, and Jonah is angry. He said: God, I knew you'd do that. That's why I didn't go, because I know you're gracious and forgiving, and you forgive sins. I knew it, and you did it. Now let me die.

Think of the one person or family or group of people in the world or the land that you hate the most. Think of your ultimate enemy at this moment in your life.

"Ah," you say, "but I'm a Christian. I don't hate anybody!" God bless you. If you don't hate anybody, I'll give you a second choice. Think of the person you love the least. Some of you say, "I'm a Christian. I love everybody." Okay, that's pretty neat. Number three then: Think of the person you like the least. You've got to answer that one. Or if you can't answer that one, who is the person or group you fear the most?

The point is, I want you to think of the person you know is your enemy, the person who does not mean you well, the person who has no done you well. Think of that person right now—your enemy.

Suppose you had it in your power to help that person or that group of people to prosper enormously, spiritually and materially. If it were in your power, would you do it? Or if without your help they prospered, how would you feel right now if this enemy—this group of people or this person—suddenly flourished spiritually, were healed, were abundantly blessed financially?

Now you understand Jonah's situation. He did bless those people, and they did prosper and respond.

"Love your enemies" is so clear all through the New Testament. We see it here in the Old, but also in the New Testament—in the fulfillment of God's gracious plan for our lives through Jesus ...

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Sermon Outline:


I. God blesses our enemies with his grace

II. The blessing of our enemies should cause us to rejoice

III. When we believe God's grace for ourselves and for our enemy, we really live

IV. We love our enemy by helping them to prosper