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Singing in the Rain

Because we are special to God we can rejoice, even in difficulty.

The psalmist is singing again. It's not exactly like singing in the rain, but it's kind of like singing in the rain, because he's in trouble again. He's in a cave, a dark, foreboding cave, and it's not that he's not been in a cave before. I suspect he has.

Caves are a part of the terrain, part of the territory in the area around which and in which he's been raised. He probably played in caves when he was a kid. It's a nice place to get away from older brothers who think you're a brat and who often wish you'd disappear. It's even a nice place to get away from sheep and their incessant bleating.

Caves can be funlike tree housesbut when you're a man and you're married and you're part of the king's cabinet, well, you don't usually hang out in caves. But David is in a cave.

David doesn't belong in a cave. He's too talented for that. He belongs in a palace. He belongs on a podium. He belongs among other or generals. He's a wonderfully gifted personhandsome, ruddy of complexion, an outdoorsman, a gifted speaker, a musician, tremendously competitive, and with a genius for military strategy. He's a born leader, and those people you don't want in cavesfor any reason.

But that wasn't what commended him to God. What commended him to God was his heart; the young boy had a heart for God. It seems that from an early age the sensitivity of his heart, his spirit, was godward, and when it came time to instruct the pastor/prophet to anoint someone who would take the place of Saul, the anointing fell on David. For God had said, "Look not on the outward appearance but on the heart." David had a different kind of heart, and that is what commended him ...

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Sermon Outline:


I. In God, the cave becomes a concert hall

II. We are special because God has a purpose for us

III. Caves are part of God's plan for us

IV. Because we are special to God he is with us in the cave