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God's Christmas Grace

God orchestrated Jesus' birth to bring us grace.

The world system that you and I are part of has been celebrating the holiday called Christmas. And on that holiday, people have benefited by it. Gifts that they would not have received, they've received, because Jesus had a birthday. Time off that they would never have received, they've received, because Jesus had a birthday. Bonuses, perhaps that have come because of profit sharing at the end of the year, have come because someone else, Jesus, had a birthday. But on Jesus' birthday on the birthday of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, that day when he ought to be recognized for his coming into the world times when Christ would not come on their minds at all, they're still going through the parade of Christmas. And yet when the Bible talks about Christmas, it talks about one who not only was born in a manger, but owned the ground on which the manger laid; one who knew nothing but yet in the manger knew everything; one who was powerless because he was an infant, yet powerful, because he has the power of life and death in his infant hands. Christmas is about Christ.

There's a whole scene that Luke paints for us, relating to the birth of Jesus Christ, which you might tend to miss. For you see, Jesus' birth was interwoven into a whole political as well as personal scene, that if you ripped that away, you missed some of the beauty that surrounded the birth of Christ. Now we are aware of the eventthat speaks for itselfbut are we aware of the circumstances that surrounded that event, which even gives that event power? You see, the Christmas story surrounds real people living in a real world who had a real problem. And God did not bypass that real world and those real people and those real problems to just ...

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Tony Evans is founder and President of The Urban Alternative. He pastors Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas, Texas. His most recent book is Kingdom Man.

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Sermon Outline:


To fully understand Christmas, we must put two stories side by side.

I. God's grace was shown to Zacharias and Elizabeth.

II. God's grace was shown to Mary.

III. God orchestrated Jesus' birth to bring grace to us.


We have great reason to praise God for sending us his son.