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An Unexpected Witness

God always gives us a witness of himself

Have you ever paid any attention to the arithmetic of the Scripture? I through the years have become intrigued with the things that the Word of God emphasizes that you and I wouldn't emphasize. If I'd been writing the book of Chronicles you can count on it, I wouldn't have started with all those chapters and multiple pages of genealogies in which we find out who begat whom in such multiple succession that it's very difficult for a fellow to keep up his courage when he wants to read the Bible from beginning to end. But there it is. And I wonder sometimes if it isn't God's way of saying They're human beings; they've people and I'm interested in them. You may not know anything about them and you may not be interested in them, but I'm interested in them. And they may have lived a whale of a long time ago and they may be unimportant to everybody else, but there's nobody that's unimportant to me, and those genealogies have their own purpose.

One of the things that I became interested in earlier in my own study of Scripture was the book of Genesis and the fact that there are two full chapters given to the story of the creation. In fact if I remember, I think there are all of 56 verses given to the story of creation. But did you ever notice that there are 13 chapters given to the story of Joseph? And Joseph was not even a patriarch. Could it be that one man is more important than the creation of the whole universe? It may well be that one holy, one pure Man is more important than the creation of the whole universe, and it may take a little more out of God to create one holy Man than it does to create the whole universe. You're aware that it cost him his Son to do it, and it cost only the speaking of his Word to speak all of the universe ...

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I. Jesus' arrest shows his sovereign majesty under difficult circumstances

II. Jesus' arrest shows his compassionate concern for bumbling disciples

III. Jesus' arrest shows human foolishness when we don't understand God's ways

IV. Jesus' arrest shows how God even cares about the wicked

V. Jesus' arrest shows his silence when man makes the ultimate wrong choice