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The Greatest Sermon

If we truly believed the good news about Christ, we could change the world.

I want to lift up what I believe to be the greatest Christian sermon ever preached on this earth. Now I'm not referring to the sermons of our Lord or the words of our Lord. But other than the words of Jesus I believe wouldn't most of us agree that the greatest Christian preacher was St. Paul. And I believe the height of St. Paul's recorded words is in the fifteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians. Now I think this is the greatest Christian statement that's ever been made on this earth. This is my opinion. I love the way it begins. "Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel. The word gospel. He says, "I bring to you the good news.

You know a preacher can stand up every Sunday and tell the truth and never preach the gospel. For example, I can say, "Diphtheria is a bad disease. Now that's the truth, but that isn't good news. But if I say, "Here is a medicine that can prevent diphtheria or cure diphtheria, that's the good news. And that's the gospel.

Now I can say, "We have sinned. Every Sunday I could stand up and talk about all the sins that we have; and every word I'd say would be the truth. But not one word of it would be the gospel. Or I can get up every Sunday and talk about all the bad things in the world; and every would I would say would be the truth, but not one word of it would be the gospel.

And St. Paul says, "I bring you good news. You know if somehow we could get over to the world that the gospel of Jesus Christ is good news and get over to every preacher in America that his business or her business is to preach the good news, the churches wouldn't be big enough to hold the people. The people could come. We like good news.

Now here is this sermon. St. Paul tells us what the gospel is. Now it's wonderful here. ...

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Charles L. Allen has served as the pastor of Grace Methodist Church in Atlanta, and First United Methodist Church in Houston, Texas. He is author of more than thirty books.

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